An in-depth understanding of Maths and Physics is inevitable in our world,whether we look at it from career or knowledge perspective. Mathematical concepts are being used in subjects varying from Engineering applications,Pure Sciences,Actuarial Sciences to Biological studies and even in Evolutionary& Behavioral Sciences where Mathematical models are employed to study and understand the social behavior of extinct species like dinosaurs.

But, not surprisingly,there exists an unnecessary fear of Maths & Physics among the students. The primary cause is 'Blind problem solving' which creates wrong ideas about the subject in the minds of students. Here at MathMania, Conceptual Approach is adopted for both subjects.

Students are also trained in 'time-bound' problem solving so that their percentage is not sacrificed for conceptual clarity. Rather, once the concept is strong & clear,along with the training imparted at MathMania, marks accrue of themselves without any difficulty.

The batch size is kept purposely very small so that students get Individual attention.

Regular Contact is maintained between parents & the teacher so that parents are well-informed about their children's performance & are not taken by surprises later on.

Regular tests - both topic based & full length model exams are conducted. Every paper is checked without fail & the weaknesses of every student are pointed out to him/her for the student to work on.

Regular Availability of the teacher over phone for doubt clarification all 7 days a week.

MathMania Centre is kept open for students to get their doubts cleared personally by the teacher. There is no substitute for the personal touch of one's Guru which is the only panacea for all kinds of doubts troubling the students.The enthusiastic 'Problem Solvers' can also sit at the centre & solve many extra brain challenging problems.

Welcome to MATHMANIA.

Tuition Classes Offered

  • IX & X : Maths and Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
  • XI & XII: Maths and Physics.

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Admissions Open

" Admissions open for classes IX, X, XI & XII. Hurry up & book your seats , as the batch size is VERY SMALL !! .

Attend from the first class itself for conceptual clarity".