MathMania offer classes for

  • IX & X : Maths and Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
  • XI & XII: Maths and Physics.

Tuitions are offered for all classes for one academic year. In this period regular topics test paper and full length model exams are given. CBSE guidelines are applicable to all test papers and its evaluations also. The parents & the student are informed about the result as well as the weaknesses of the student. This is so that the student can overcome the gaps in his learning by systematic effort. This avoids "last-minute" tensions & preparations before his school exam.

Why Choose MathMania

Sending your child to MathMania is the best decision you can make for your child. It ensures that your child’s concepts are well-grounded. This will enable them to secure more marks in school exams; In addition to this it will act as the foundation stone for their development in future.

For a better & strong foundation in both Maths & Science, MATHMANIA HAS ADOPTED CERTAIN PRACTICES SUCH AS :

  • In order to avoid fear and anxiety Math Mania adopts a conceptual approach so that formation of wrong ideas about the subjects can avoided.
  • Math Mania was born out of a conviction that each child needs individual attention. So,the batch size is kept purposely very small so that students get individual attention.
  • Students are also trained in 'time-bound' problem solving so that their percentage is not sacrificed for conceptual clarity. Once the concept is strong and clear, along with the training imparted at Math Mania, marks accrue of themselves without any difficulty.
  • Regular Contact is maintained between parents and the teacher so that parents are well-informed about their children's performance.
  • The teacher is always available over phone for doubt clarification all 7 days in a week.
  • At MathMania the teacher is available in person for doubt clarification.
  • Math Mania is kept open for all days for the students. The enthusiastic 'problem-solvers' can also sit at the centre and solve many extra brain challenging problems.
  • Lessons are designed to cover the necessary fundamentals to ensure a strong foundation in the subjects.
  • Study materials are exam oriented and specially designed to expose students to every kind of question that can be expected in an exam.
  • Programs are developed for students who love to challenge themselves with better problems.
  • Creative and analytical thinking programs for extra ordinary students.
  • Provided with encouraging environment to explore beyond the school syllabus so as to face the real life situation.
  • Every chapter is introduced through illustrative examples, real life situations etc to engage the brain before getting into extensive problem solving.
  • Each child is different, with different learning styles and speeds. This is kept in mind when delivering lectures.
  • The progress of each child is monitored & parents duly informed.
  • Regular tests and model exams are conducted for every class. Every paper is checked and the weak points of every student are pointed out to him/her for the student to work on.


I really enjoyed the Physics class in Math Mania. It was superb. The emphasis on conceptual learning helped me a lot. Sir could clear any doubt in the subject effortlessly. No wonder i could score 95% in my CBSE Physics Exam.

Sukriti (XII) ,  N.C.S

Physics - 95%

Though i had taken coaching for Engg entrance exam separately, i found Giridhar Sir's classes very very helpful. It is not possible to clear Engg Entrance tests without a strong basics in Math & Physics. Sir took special classes for me,personally sat with me & both of us solved together, really challenging problems. I am right now in NIT Calicut doing my B.E. My AIEEE Rank was 125 & my Kerala CET rank was 339. I have never seen such a helpful teacher in my life. I thank him a lot

Vyshakh (XII) ,  K.V.Port trust

Maths - 97%

His Math & Science classes were superb. He taught us lots of ways to simplify lengthy calculations in chapters like "Areas & Volumes". This helped me a lot. I thank you Sir for your wonderful help.

Arathy (X) ,   ToC H

Maths - 95%, Science - 92%

I enjoyed maths class very well. Sir is very helpful. I learnt a lot from him. His emphasis on conceptual understanding & fast calculations helped me to score 97% in maths

Meeval (X) ,   K.V Port Trust

Maths - 97 %

I had only 75% in my XI maths when i joined Math Mania. With Giridhar Sir's help, i overcame several gaps in my learning, improved my calculation speed. My confidence increased & i could score 95% in CBSE XII Maths Exam.

Nitesh (XII) ,   K.V Port Trust

Maths - 95%